keep your hands clean!

I feel the urge to write this post in a first person inclusive form but i am sure i ain’t the only one who experiences this.

We as people are forced to seem a paragon of civility and efficiency!

Your hands are never to be soiled with mistakes and nasty deeds. We are supposed to seem all innocent and all. “innocence”- lack of experience with the world and with the negative things that happen in life; the lack of knowledge; freedom from guile or cunning.  In simplicity lack of worldly experience or sophistication. But here is the simple truth. you can not be clean or innocent in this world, its in all ways impossible. the true definition of innocence is ironical to be honest.

It means to maintain a spotless appearance by using others as scape goats and cats paws to disguise your involvement in deeds carried out mentally or physically

And if this is acceptable by you, then u should know my definition of dirty hands.

Rationally speaking, or writing, “lol”  they are hands that toil effortlessly in all ways possible, hands that carry and do not conceal their scars or their dirt from the view of the  world. they open themselves up for amendment, modification and remodeling.

So be dirty. it’s the one true path to positivity, self-improvement and true accomplishment.



Thank you.

For the experience your beauty showed to me,
For the chance to be your only family no matter how short the time seemed,
For the confidence the mere thought of your name or what used to be your attitude gave to me,
For the lessons you taught to me,
For the lessons I learnt from your distortions of honesty radiating from your soul,
For the way your attitude expanded the horizons to my thoughts positively For I still refuse to acknowledge your negativity.
For the way you slowly revealed your emotional mental worth to me. I thought I was the one who lacked emotion but …
For the space carved between our souls by YOUR ”wakabout” and the distance between our thoughts created by your lies and excuses.

We used to be very good you know.
Basking in the joy of what it is to be loved and to love LOVE and its perfect misconceptions.
Now I have never been more sure no one really knows what love is but what it should be.
Well here is what I think love is and I believe so much in this.

I care still and I’m pretty sure I will always, but from a distance I shall procreate this attribute I inhabit.
I will not pretend to hate you because I still believe some how I mite have actually felt love as single sided as it mite have been.
I did feel love for you but you not for me.
We’re good but I refuse to act like it was not your fault.
I am not trying not to blame myself for I am not and I will not hopefully be you or like you for differences are necessities to an interesting stay on earth.
Cheers to a freaking good life we both about to have separately.
Till we cross paths again or maybe when your learn to apologise, be honest, when u finally realise life isn’t about you, but about your legacy and how it affects your geographical existence out in this small world.



Did it hurt ?


Did it hurt ?
When you fell and scraped your knee ?
When you bled and just wanted a soothing hand.
When all you wanted was a band aid to stop the blood and a kiss to heal the hurt.
When no one looked at you,
And your own mother turned her back ?
Did it hurt ?
I bet it did.

Did it hurt ?
When you fell while riding your bike for the first time.
When there was no one to hold your bike as you tried to pedal.
When there was no one to ensure you wore a helmet and guards for your elbows and knees
When no one told you to trust in yourself that you’d learn.
Even though your father was there.
Did it hurt ?
It must have.

Did it hurt ?
When you got bullied at school for being tall and skinny.

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Beyond the Fray

Beyond the fray originally posted on cecile’ blog is a must read. This words will bore deep into the soul of your imagination. This post radiates passion.

Cecile's blog


I shall not bore you with a lengthy intro to this beautiful piece. Apologies for the late posting.

These next fourteen days would be about igniting hope, peace and celebrating the good things now and to come.

Please read, share and comment

. peace

If tomorrow was seen as
A reflection of yesterday’s
Staring into the still water
That is today,
Maybe mother nature
Would wail
For her bundle of joy.

Seeds nutured in
The incubating minds
Of men with intentions
Of gods, long haired
And white skinned.
They rode iyemoja
Till she led them ashore.
Wombs distraught,
A traitor,
She conceived their ideas.

Down they chopped iroko
Into tombstones of
Fleeing spirits
Unable to weather the storm,
They who tormented mothers
Till childbirth became meaningless,
Now soars cowards
Unable to defend their homes.

Eledumare watched,
Arms akimbo
As ifa turned a carved doll,
An art piece
Sold on the…

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Seun Odukoya

The hazy glow of the 2 am moon pierced the curtains, providing sufficient illumination for any observer to see through into the room – if there was such an observer. But the only people who would have any interest in the occupant of the room were already inside.

Chris sat up in bed and looked at the other occupants of the room – that is; the other occupants of the bed.

In sleep they looked like effigies carved out of ivory – except the soft rise and fall of their breasts were too real. They cuddled each other like siblings – the taller and lighter one holding onto the smaller and darker’s hips, while smaller laid her head on the other’s breasts. There was a light sheen of sweat dusting their shoulders, hips and so on – legs tangled in the aftermath of passion.

He looked at them – and…

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The Sauvage

We don’t recommend that you smoke Igbo, Grass, Mary Jane, Mary Jane’s cousin, Green,The Green Monster, The Magic Dragon, Skunk, Kush, Maui Wowie, Hemp, The Devil’s Lettuce, Weed or whatever you call Cannabis Sativa but we acknowledge that a lot of you blaze so why not add value where we can right?

After smoking a few Wacky Tabacky spliffs you’ll sit as your earthly concerns fade. You’ll be higher than a fucking kite. To quote the Capoeira Panda, “you’ll be higher than the temperature in Maiduguri” (A city in Northern Nigeria that’s practically in the Sahara Desert. Temperatures there can be as high as 47 °C).  Your words will become heavier, your mind will become foggier. You’ll think that you’re the cross between Aristotle and Confucius, even if your greatest musing is “hey bro, pass the dutchie pon the left hand side.” You’ll relax your mind and let your conscience be free and you’ll be rolling…

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Route to Damnation!.

deep breath of hate was taking, then thick saliva was ejected from her gut. surprisingly the same was asked from the most gently kitchen staff with out even uttering a word, and even more shocking! can you guess whose spittle surpassed the other? Your boss must be a real douche to receive such forceful hate from your guts I thought to my self. funny how I was giving this look of affirmation to my thought just as the same look forced my out of my subconscious. All the man did today was ask for an extra champagne glass since her offered his guest his. But now that I think of it, should he be slaving to the intoxication of alcohol barely minutes past (12) twelve in the mid day? should he not be on his toes? “your job does not permit you to be influenced during the day you know” I thought to myself again. oh well as long as I was not going to partake in this spittle filled luxury. 

The day went past and the douche, gradually exiting his misconceived shell of civil ambition yelled; more drinks he said, or do you have to be begged to do your job. That is definitely not her job I thought again seeing as this is an office  not a bar or lounge; you wont even yell in a lounge, you’d be flung out of the clothes on your neck. Anyways, another was brought over and the day was coming to an end quick as most of the staff rounded up their daily reports

“there really is a difference between a boss and a leader”.

His assistant usually closes few minutes after her “BOSS” does close, and seeing as I began this job as a cleaner (which was not really my job per say) about two weeks ago, i had always left the both of them in the office.I was furious as to the way he treated his work and employees, but there was nothing i could do at that moment. I got to wandering that cold evening why he is always late to close after spending most of the day drinking and doing nothing. I did imagine he played angry birds all day on his desktop or on his phone seeing as he is always on either one of them. I did not feel joy with my decision of leaving but I was tired and had to go. boy do cleaners do a lot i thought again. I had been deep in my thoughts for most of my time today. OH WELL. I am out.  

Just a while had passed before perverted conversions began. This was affirmatively one sided as i was told. attempts to touches were made and then finally contact was made or let me just say grabbing was done; I am tempted to say you know the rest but I am just going to be descriptive instead. Clothes were torn, slaps were thrown, marks inflicted along with pain were made, and then a bitter assistant who apparently was a virgin got raped severally by one man, THE BOSS.

my phone rang at quite an ungodly hour and I was informed that there had been an unfortunate incident at the office. I rushed down just to get there to meet a near dead assistant in an ambulance about to begin her journey to the hospital, but no BOSS

are you the owner i was asked?  i replied positively

but you are listed here as a cleaner I was asked again? I impersonated a cleaner for a while now to monitor how work is being done around here seeing as I had  nothing else to do that year.

I was forced to retire by my madam for certain health issues, or she would have retired me from this life with her bare hands.

But I like to keep busy, and I needed to kn ow why so much complains were emanating from a particular branch of the company every quarter of the year, which is why I did the cleaner gig in my own company.

I was filled in on some details and then I signed a few documents then I was escorted to the hospital to check on the assistant/victim. 

she was fine after so many tests and drip bags, we thank God.


guess who had the gut to show up to work two days after he assaulted his employee? THE BOSS.

apparently he thought she had bleed to death so there would be no witness or accusations against him. some nerve yeah? Well as he approached this time I said out loud. 

“you took the route to damnation”